Signature Clay Bracelets, Haiti

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A fun & stunning collection of mini ceramic beads and mini hand-rolled cereal box beads strung on elastic. 

Dimensions: approx. 7"

Each bead is carefully made by hand. Artisans stir clay into the perfect consistency, roll by hand, paint, and then fire each bead before adding the work of art to a piece of jewelry. Similarly, the paper beads are hand-rolled from carefully cut cereal boxes, glued, and prepared before being added to a pair of earrings, a bracelet, or other products.

Papillon is a fair trade certified, socially conscious lifestyle business dedicated to employing at-risk mothers and fathers in Haiti. Their mission is orphan prevention and family preservation through job creation. 

Papillon also employees deportees that are struggling to create new lives for themselves. They are give a chance to 'start over' and this chance proves that a little help goes a long way.

Employees receive a living wage, usually 3X the minimum wage, plus medical and social benefits. They receive job skills training, language & literacy development, and computer & software training. Their work environment is creative and family friendly, including on-site child care.

Papillon's founder, Shelley Jean was featured in the Netflix documentary, Poverty Inc. This documentary shares the positive impact of Papillon's methodology and approach to economic and social reform in Haiti.

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