Semi-Precious Stone Rings, India

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A natural, semi-precious polished stone takes center stage within a silver, beaded setting in this beautifully designed, adjustable ring. Assorted colors available.

Dimensions: Adjustable, 1” W

These stone rings are handcrafted by a group of nearly 80 artisans in Old Delhi, India. Ornate jewelry is a cultural tradition in India that has been handed down throughout many generations.

Sana's family is part of this artisan group. Her family and other artisans carefully bend, etch, bead, and polish jewelry from glass, stones, upcycled metal as well as seeds, wires, and other materials.

These artisans partner with Matr Boomie, a fair trade company that works with 20,000 artisans in 40 communities throughout India. But this isn’t how Sana’s story began.

Sana, her family, and community were exploited by local tradesmen. In 2009, Sana grew tired of unfair treatment and contacted Matr Boomie. A fair trade partnership was born resulting in…

earnings that grew exponentially 
an upgrade to a better workplace
children staying in school longer

And for Sana it didn’t end there. She became the first woman in her village to ever attend college. Sana is proof that buying fair trade products makes a difference.

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