Abstract Brass Cuff, India

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These brass cuffs are handmade in Northern India using brass and copper. It is an exquisite combination of contemporary style with traditional metal craft of India.

Sevya works with thousands of artisans in villages throughout India.  They support artisans that have little access to markets by reviving endangered art forms and showcasing their products in the global arena. The art forms include weaving, block-printers, embroiders, and jewelry makers.

India has the longest legacy of jewelry making than anywhere in the world. Jewelry has become an intricate part of an Indian woman's life. Skills, traditions, and styles have been passed down and perfected over 5,000 years.

Every purchase directly helps these artisan communities to continue these traditions and pass them on to the next generation. It also helps to ensure that these women gain greater economic and social freedom that will impact their lives, the lives of their children, and their communities.

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