Fishscale Earrings, Peru

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These bright colored earrings are handmade using dyed fishscales from the pache fish of the Amazon River in Peru.

Handmade. Eco-friendly. Fair Trade.

Carefully handcrafted by an artisan group called Sanyork Fair Trade. The workshop and warehouse is tucked into one of the poorest suburbs of Lima. It is surrounded by large factories and hillside slums in San Juan de Lurigancho, Lima, Peru.

Sanyork Fair Trade employs 66 artisan families, working to permanently overcome and reduce poverty. When provided fair trade wages and a sustainable workplace environment, artisans are able to have confidence, pride, and inspiration for their work that helps to preserve their cultural tradition, lifestyle, and dignity.

"Your world might not change through the purchase of fair trade products, but for the producer of them it sure will. We believe you should be proud of what you buy."

The paiche fish is native to the Amazon River and is one of the largest fresh water fishes in the world. Because they are huge, plentiful, and delicious, the paiche fish is a main food source for the people that live in the Amazon basin. These earrings are a stunning byproduct!

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