Organic Beeswax Lip Balm, Zambia

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Nowhere will you find such wild and pure beeswax as the wilds of Zambia!

Zambeezi partners with entrepreneurs, beekeepers, and farmers in Zambia, Africa. They craft ethically sourced, organic, fair trade body care products.

Workers receive a fair and living wage for their work. Zambeezi uses profits to benefit African communities, by partnering with local churches to build schools, clinics, drill wells, and other projects.

They also have an environmental impact. The Miombo forest of Zambia is one of the largest sub-tropical forests left in Africa. These seasonal forests are an important global absorber of carbon dioxide. They are inhabited by tens of thousands of Bantu subsistence farmers and provide a living similar to the way they have for generations.

Clear cutting for timber and strip mining for copper are threatening the people and their forests. Zambeezi is helping to provide alternate sources of income that are kinder to the land and the people. 

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